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Have you done the work of getting out of a crappy relationship - but find yourself struggling to feel happy??

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same relationship cycle - choosing the same kind of emotionally unavailable person again and again?

Are you avoiding dating or meeting new people because you don't trust yourself to "pick a good person"?

What's Getting in the Way Of Moving Forward?

Feeling Stuck in Emotions from the Past

Don't Know Where to Start to Create Real Change

Struggle to Trust Yourself in the Dating Scene

Worried About Negatively Impacting Your Children

Not Sure What Healthy Relationships Look Like

Phoenix Rising is a Community of Women Working to Heal Themselves & Their Families from the Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Impacts of Domestic Violence & Abusive Relationships.

What is Being Stuck Costing You?

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Socially

What’s It

Costing you?

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Socially

Phoenix Rising Success Path

At MyResilient Wellness, we know what it takes to create real change. We'd love to walk with you as you do the work in your own life.

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Introductory Offer: $47/month

What Type of Work Will We Be Doing??

Check out the Stages of the Phoenix Rising Success Path Below!

Stay in each module as long as you like or circle back again and again for more growth.


In this Module We Will Explore Simple Habits for Stronger Physical & Mental Health


Holistic Wellness & Energy Work




Create a vision of what your future life will look like.

It's time to dream again and imagine what your life could look like.


Techniques to move you forward.

  • Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Develop Your Personal Mantra

  • Practice Breathing Techniques

  • Learn Law of Attraction Principles


Go Deeper into Your Healing Journey

  • Building a relationship again

  • Create a plan for dealing with limiting beliefs

  • Learn About EFT (Tapping)

  • Explore G.E.M.


Go Deeper into Your Healing Journey

  • Explore Forgiveness Work

  • Lock in your Successes

  • Evaluate Your Progress

Want To Join Our Tribe?

Introductory Offer: $47/month

What is included??

The Phoenix Rising Founding Membership Includes:

  • Twice a month Live Zoom Calls to share progress, discuss challenges, and work with Shannon directly.

  • Access to our Private Facebook Community

  • 33% Off Private G.E.M Sessions with Shannon

  • Group Coaching

  • Tools & Video Tutorials to expand your emotional skill set

  • Membership Workbook

  • Other fun surprises along the way!


Check Out What Our Community is Saying!

"Definitely learned ways to support kids through the recovery process and letting go of feelings of shame, fear, or negative self talk! Just by breaking all those old habits and being more confident in myself am losing those negative feelings has helped me be a better mom/partner etc."


"I am so blown away by the amazingness of the real deep and rooted healing that is happening since my daughters and I have been working with you. GEM  is definitely uncovering and connecting to the best version of myself and I am learning ways to support my children through their healing process and there is just a great transformation and regenerative motion that is happening for me and my family. Thank you Shannon for your passion, for your gift, you live and breathe G.E.M. it is evident you truly care for your clients."


"It has started to help me let go of fear. I noticed the biggest difference this summer during storms. I was actually able to start sleeping through them instead of having a panic attack."


Phoenix Rising

Begin your healing journey today!

Want To Join Our Tribe?

Introductory Offer: $47/month

Powerful Healing in One Place

  • Peace of Mind

  • Let Go of Past Dysfunction

  • Heal Generational Wounds

  • Discover Your Confidence

  • Find Your Voice

  • Move into Healthier Relationships

  • Better Equipped to Support Your Family's Healing